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Reflections from last week

As I closed my laptop on Friday for the weekend, I felt an immense amount of privilege and gratitude for where social work takes me. The diverse nature, the privilege of being let into so many lives, making breakthroughs with communication with high fives and fist pumps, the laughing, the tears and the self-reflection it evokes in me.

I reflected on how special it was to be able to name a tiny place in Wales to support someone with dementia to access a memory of the sea side (thanks Mum) and the importance of animals and their huge therapeutic benefit. How pivotal they are to many I support, the warmth, comfort and familiarity. After a busy week, as I put the key into my own front door and was greeted by my fluffy cat, I too was comforted by her roaring purr and big cuddles.

From residential homes, to field and beyond, I am hugely grateful to this line of work and the many people I have worked with this week.

We can’t escape the paperwork but how special it was to be out and about this week.

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