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Independent Mental 

Capacity  & Testamentary Capacity Assessments

Our Services

Independent Mental Capacity and Testamentary Capacity Assessments 

Do you or someone you are working with need an Independent Mental Capacity Assessment? Require a COP3 for the Court of Protection? 
or a
  Testamentary Capacity Assessment? 
We are on hand and here to help, we have an Advanced Practitioner in Social Work and registered Best Interest Assessor in house. 

Email or call us today to discuss your requirements 

Credit Assessment

"I engaged Social Station as a consultant in supporting the Adult Care Services. They reviewed caseloads and supplied advice on case management, with expertise pertaining to Preparing for Adulthood, Court of Protection and Older Persons Maximising Independence. 

Social Station engaged positively with the services and partner agencies, including the voluntary sector. 

I cannot recommend their services enough and would work with them again without hesitation".


 - JS (Local Authority Manager) 

Seniors Socializing

Independent Social Work Services & Case Management

We are specialists in Care Act Assessments, Mental Capacity Assessments, Contributing to Education, Health and Care Plans, Transition Assessments and making applications to the Court of Protection. We work in partnership with solicitors to provide case management services, supporting people who have a court appointed deputy. 

"At a time in 2015 when my long-time friend had been very ill in hospital and his family under extreme stress, Katie Laws from Social Station came to help us.

She offered a calm and yet concerned approach, making sure that everyone knew how she was able to intervene. After a period where everything felt chaotic, we began to feel that matters could be resolved.

We are very grateful to her and consider her input key in helping our friend on the path to recovery."

- TN (friend of service user)



Need support with meetings or someone to help you understand information and explain your views? Are you having an assessment? We can help you talk about your feelings and your wishes.


“Social Station steered me though Deputyship application to the Court of Protection and informed and guided me through the complexity of transition from children’s to adult health and social care. I now have a much-needed package of care funding a capable team around my son and Social Station are now providing advocacy for our family. Their services are utterly professional, compassionate, efficient and effective, I wish I could replicate this expertise in all areas of my life." - DS (mother) 

Signing a Contract

Independent Specialist Reports, Auditing and Developing Practice  


We support a wide range of projects across Health and Social Care. We specialise is evaluating services, auditing and developing practice. We assist and develop strategy and policy to help your organisation make a sustainable and effective change in statutory compliance. Our specialisms include: Community Deprivation of Liberty, Transition & Improving Pathways between Children’s and Adult Social Care and Service Transformation.

“I felt incredibly supported on both a professional and personal level. Katie’s knowledge and passion made her a superb supervisor.”

 - TD (Preparing for Adulthood Care Coordinator)

Reflective Supervision, Training and Development

Supporting, supervising and developing practitioners.  

Support Group

"I found Katie to be an attentive and forward-thinking supervisor. She has the ability to draw the best out of you and is always excited and enthusiastic to progress new ideas and projects that could improve services. Katie has a kind, understanding and approachable management style that creates an environment of confidence, autonomy and growth." 

- AD (MSc - Occupational Therapist)

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